Welcome to wheelsguns.net – my name is Sam.

September 3rd, 2009

And I’ve discovered a recent passion for revolvers.  I’ve been shooting for almost thirty years and other than a few “must have” revolvers (like a S&W Model 37, .38 snubbie and a S&W 640 Stainless, a .357 magnum) in the safe, I’d always been an auto snob.  Well… don’t ask me how I got into it, but now I’m shooting wheelguns.  I must admit it’s kind of nice not to search around for brass or bend over and pick it all up.  Ouch, I’m getting old.  Then there’s the benefit that you don’t have to worry about some range rat scarfing up your brass.

I thought about whether I wanted to create a blog or a web bbs kind of thing – but figured that I’d be doing most of the talking and showing off pictures, so a blog would work better.  And I like being right – it’s a lot easier to be right on a blog than it is on a bbs.  Heh heh.

So… over time I’ll post thoughts about my revolver addiction and first-hand experiences. Today I have only S&W revolvers, and confess to a certain bias for them.  When I was younger, S&W was pretty much the only quality game in town.  I’m not sure Taurus was even around then, but I’ve viewed Taurus as a cheap knock-off for a long, long, long time.  I get that their quality is much better and they’re likely putting out some great products – but no first hand experience with them just yet.

I already have some thoughts about the new Internal Lock System on the current generation S&W revolvers and will compose my thoughts and post about that in a few days.  Also, I purchased a S&W Model 329PD .44 magnum (insert link) about seven or eight months ago and have experienced several failure to fire scenarios – ouch – that sucks.  It’s a very bad thing when you expect a boom and you get a click.

More later.